British Birds

I really enjoyed researching the information about some of our national favourites in the bird world ready for the website – all uploaded now on, and as cards on! I love birds and could sit and watch them for hours. I know quite a lot about these garden birds already and have learnt some new things too. I need to learn more about the coastal birds that live in our country, as well as birds of prey so that when the art works are finished, I can add them to the site for you all to peruse!

These are available as prints in all sizes!

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We’ve branched into Essex!

There is a wealth of beautiful places to explore in Essex. We have added a few of them to our collection for those of you that may have happy memories of holidays and momentous occasions!

Please don’t forget that all of our pictures can be found on or cards on – do have a look!

  • Frinton on Sea deckchairs and beach huts
  • Clacton on Sea with the pier
  • Kelvedon (with reference to Kelvedon and Feering Cricket!)
  • Colchester Castle
  • Bocking Windmill
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Whitstable Sailing

Summer is coming – the time is near for long lazy walks on the beach, with a picnic to enjoy whilst watching the sailors out riding the waves and exploring the Maunsell forts! Unless of course you are in the boat with them..!

If you like the idea of the picnic and less work (or you don’t have a boat) then go out with Steve Norris on his barge, Greta. Always a good day out, sailing through the World War ll forts and the offshore windfarm, with a pork pie and a glass of wine!

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Well, it didn’t take very long for me to break my resolution to add something on here every day! Of course resolutions are made to be broken – so I won’t make any more!

Instead I will make an attempt to add new pictures for all to see, starting with Hunstanton!

Hunstanton Cliffs portrait

Hunstanton, locally known as Hunston, is well known for its unique cliffs, which are striped due to the different layers of rock there.

The resort, alongside Old Hunstanton, offers Victorian charm and traditional seaside fun. Hunstanton is situated on the East coast, but is the only West facing resort. If you love Norfolk and its coastal beauty, Hunstanton is a great place to stay and explore from.

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Yesterday’s post, about Shepherd Neame pubs that we have drawn, led me to thinking about the lovely Greta!

Greta is a Thames Sailing Barge, used for cargo transportation along the Thames and Thames Estuary. She was built in 1892 and now works providing day trips for those who fancy a great trip out on the water! She works from Whitstable in the summer and she is moored at Standard Quay in Faversham for the winter months.

We have spent a couple of blissful days sailing with her, cared for by her Skipper, Steve Norris. We highly recommend it for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of life! Steve follows different courses but you may see the Maunsell Forts built during World War 2 or sail through the imposing towers that make up the wind farm. You could travel and see Reculver Towers and maybe even seals near the Isle of Sheppey!

Greta Thames Sailing Barge  Faversham_Creek


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If you love all things Shepherd Neame, then this is the blog page for you!

These are some of the pubs we have drawn – Casey’s in Canterbury has now been renamed The Shakespeare and is the sister pub to The Limes in Faversham (we still need to draw The Limes though!)

Of the pubs we have been in, we cannot fault them! Wonderful atmospheres and delicious food from different nations – I feel the need to book a table coming on!

I have added the Shepherd Neame shop and visitor centre too.

The Anchor Faversham The Sun Inn Faversham

The Anchor and The Sun Inn

Old_Neptune_Whitstable Casey's Canterbury Bishop's Finger Canterbury

Old Neptune, Casey’s and Bishops Finger

Shepherd Neame Visitors Centre

Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre

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Historic castles. From being the homes of kings to defending our shores, they all have a story to tell! One day, I will have the time to really delve into the history of each one and find out some more about the fascinating things that make up these stories.

Below are some of our iconic Kentish castles – plus Norwich Castle, the first one to be drawn outside the county, but in beautiful Norfolk, the other county I would live in!

Leeds Castle Evening Leeds Castle Balloons at Leeds Castle

Dover Castle day Dover Castle

Rochester Castle Deal Castle WOS151 Norwich Castle

WOS087 Walmer Castle Whitstable Castle

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Remembrance Sunday

The second Sunday in November each year, close to the 11th day, is set aside for remembering the men and women who gave their lives in both World Wars and in conflicts since.

Of course it is well known that 11 November is known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day or Poppy Day and is the date in 1918, after four years of conflict, when the guns on the Western Front, at the 11th hour, became silent. The First World War began in 1914 and continued until 1918; consequently we are now living in the years that are marking the centenary of those years.

It is a day to consciously remember those who have fought, and those who still fight, in order that we can live in safety.

When I woke this morning, I thought about what I would write here on the blog today – I felt an uneasiness about promoting our wares for our own gain. With that in mind, any prints of poppies that we do sell between now and the end of the year we will give 20% of the profit to The Royal British Legion for their Poppy Appeal.

This print can be found at in the photographic section.


We also sell the design as a card but these are not on the website, so please contact us if you would like to purchase these at £2 each.

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Christmas in Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury!

Well it’s that time of year again! The time when lists are made by busy people to make sure every eventuality is planned for. The time when letters are written to the man in red. The time when friends are family are invited to gather for fun and food. The time when people write to those they care about to send them love and best wishes for the season…

…and we have just what you need!

If you are thinking already about Christmas cards (something I vow to do early every year and somehow don’t get around to it until the last posting day) then we have some great designs for you to send out!

These can be purchased, as usual, through the website –, They retail at £2.50 for 4 cards of the town scenes. The Christmas robin is a card sold singly at £2

P.S. I just looked out of the window to find a sunny autumn day – perhaps I’m a bit previous with my promotion of all things Christmassy! Ah well, done now!

Whitstable Christmas Canterbury Christmas poster-christmas-favershamposter-christmas-bird-robin

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Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters can be found along the South Downs in East Sussex and are a series of chalk cliffs. The Sisters begin very close to Cuckmere Haven, in the West, and end just before Birling Gap in the East.

The Seven Sisters Country Park is named after these famous chalk cliffs and, as part of the South Downs National Park, it is a wonderful place for walking, birdwatching and cycling. It is near Seaford and is a working sheep and cattle farm.

The picture below shows the view of the Seven Sisters across the top of the Coastguard Cottages, looking east. I wonder if the cottages are for holiday rent – I would love to stay there and sample what seems to be a beautiful area!

WOS A6 Landscape

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