Christmas in Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury!

Well it’s that time of year again! The time when lists are made by busy people to make sure every eventuality is planned for. The time when letters are written to the man in red. The time when friends are family are invited to gather for fun and food. The time when people write to those they care about to send them love and best wishes for the season…

…and we have just what you need!

If you are thinking already about Christmas cards (something I vow to do early every year and somehow don’t get around to it until the last posting day) then we have some great designs for you to send out!

These can be purchased, as usual, through the website –, They retail at £2.50 for 4 cards of the town scenes. The Christmas robin is a card sold singly at £2

P.S. I just looked out of the window to find a sunny autumn day – perhaps I’m a bit previous with my promotion of all things Christmassy! Ah well, done now!

Whitstable Christmas Canterbury Christmas poster-christmas-favershamposter-christmas-bird-robin

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2 Responses to Christmas in Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury!

  1. Hi Nige! Is that four cards of one town, or three different towns and one spare? Only I thought, if I’m saying hi from three different towns, I’m lying at least twice!

    • Hi Jackie! It is four cards of one design in each pack so no lying needed! Although if you fancy buying one (or more) of each pack, you could pretend you live in all three places!

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