The Card Shed –

We love our cards and we hope you will too! The good news is that has a large amount of our designs all ready for you to purchase. The bad news is (and it’s just a tiny bit bad) is that we have many, many more designs than can be currently seen! The newly appointed person responsible for making sure everything is uploaded (that’ll be me then) is working hard to put all the available designs for you to peruse, enjoy… and purchase we hope!

In the meantime, if you would like to see all the pictures drawn so far, please take a look at We have many town, coastal and countryside scenes which show landmarks of various places, beaches and favourite places.

Whatever you are looking for, we should be able to oblige as (to quote Richard Wilson and Maureen Lipman in the old BT advert for those of you who can remember that far back) we have ‘all the colours and styles, in all the sizes!’

Below is a taster of our designs:

WOS A6 LandscapeWOS A6 Portrait WOS118 Beacon House Whitstable xWOS A6 Landscape WOS A6 Landscape WOS A6 PortraitWOS A6 LandscapeWOS A6 Portrait WOS A6 Landscape  card card   WOS98 Shepherd Neame Visitors Centre

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